About Us

Established in 1989, the Progressive Action Council (PAC) is one of the Housing Authority’s most important and committed partners. The PAC is recognized by CMHA as the Authority-wide residents’ organization. The residents of CMHA elect delegates to PAC, which in turn, serves as their resource for information, as well as an advocate when residents want to voice opinions regarding their homes at CMHA. PAC also oversees elections for resident leaders of the Local Advisory Councils (LAC) at each CMHA property. All residents are considered part of their development’s LAC, and vote to elect their own officers.

The PAC Executive Board, consisting of 8 volunteers elected by the PAC delegates and appointed by the PAC President, works closely with the CMHA Administration to address resident issues and comment on related policy. PAC collaborates with the CMHA Administration, providing the residents’ perspective on new opportunities and modifications to existing procedures, including the Agency’s Annual Plan and Capital Fund programs.


The Progressive Action Council is located in the Carl B. Stokes Social Services Mall.

The Progressive Action Council (PAC)
6001 Woodland Avenue
Suite 2620
Cleveland, Ohio 44104

Tel (216) 432-5536
Fax (216) 432-5539